Basic Task

Example of UI Control in short description My UI Control

When you create an issue from a discussion, the contents of the discussion post will be automatically included in the issue body, and any labels will be retained. Creating an issue from a discussion does not convert the discussion to an issue or delete the existing discussion.

This is context in a task. If present, it would follow the prerequisites if they are present. Aside from this consideration, it might seem that task context would be self-evident without visible labeling. However, to distinguish it from prerequisites that might go before it, it should be labeled.

  1. Required: Make a required step for My UI Control

    To make a step required — to insert the (Required) leader — Assign 'Required' to the step's Importance attribute:

  2. Optional: Make an optional step

    Do the same as for a Required step, but choose Optional instead of Required.

The <result> element describes the expected outcome for the task as a whole.

If you're using issues to track and prioritize your work, you can use issues to track code scanning alerts.

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Figure 1. This is a figure for My UI Control. Description of My UI Control
Note: This is my note that includes My UI Control