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What is DITA?

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an OASIS open standard for Extensible Markup Language (XML) that is used to create, structure, and distribute content.

What is information typing?

Information typing is the process of identifying and categorizing different kinds of information, typically conceptual, task-oriented, or reference information. These different types of information each go in dedicated topic types that correspond to the information types.

What is a DITA specialization?

A DITA specialization is the process of creating a specialized, or custom, DITA element, topic, or attribute, using an existing DITA element as the base model for specialization. This enables you to customize DITA elements to align with your content model or needs.

Where can I find the DITA Specification?

OASIS publishes the DITA Specification for all versions of DITA. You can find the current DITA specification under the following link: DITA Version 1.3 Specification.

What is a DITA map?

Maps enable you to create deliverables by adding references to topics or other maps. Think of a map as a book binder and topics as pages. You have a binder (map) and you fill it with pages (topics). You can also nest maps within other maps to create larger publications.